A zeotap initiative for the
future of digital marketing

ID+ is a global universal ID solution to tackle the demise of the third-party cookies and other identifiers in the marketing ecosystem. It is fully interoperable with all current and future identifiers used by publishers, brands, and technology providers. 

The problem

Cookies were once the backbone of user identification for digital advertising. Following Safari and Firefox, Google Chrome’s move to block third-party cookies, coupled with demands from users for greater transparency and data protection, will impact all facets of the marketing industry.

The solution

Zeotap believes the future of identity resolution in the marketing ecosystem will rely on the few universal ID solutions that are compliant, secure, and truly global while ensuring full interoperability.

The importance of Identity Resolution in a cookieless and post-identifier world

According to industry analysts at Winterberry Group, almost 50 percent of brands say better identity recognition capabilities will do the most to advance their omnichannel marketing efforts. In tandem, 60 percent of digital marketers cite connecting the dots across different channels as the activity that consumes the maximum time and resources. These statistics are underpinned by the 19.7 percent CAGR of marketer spend on identity solutions in the U.S. over the last few years, more than three times the growth rate of overall digital ad spend.

In short, the majority of marketers are still grappling with the onerous task of linking customer identities to unify siloed assets. This is a crucial prerequisite for everything that follows — deeper customer understanding.

By coupling zeotap’s Identity Resolution capability with ID+ you can deterministically resolve customer identities across channels and devices.

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