A Universal ID Solution

An open invitation to the whole ecosystem to collaboratively solve the industry challenge of identity resolution in a third-party cookieless environment.

Why ID+?

A global universal ID solution that’s identifier-agnostic.
ID+ enables the future of digital marketing while ensuring user privacy and data security are front and center.

What is a universal ID and how does it resolve fragmented identities?

Universal IDs are shared, persistent identifiers that connect users across the digital marketing ecosystem without the inefficiencies of cookie syncing or the platform risk of operating system IDs. From a marketer’s perspective, universal IDs share some of the most desired characteristics of existing methods: the democratic nature of third-party cookies (where every cookie is essentially equal) and the simplicity of mobile advertising IDs.

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ID+ powered by Zeotap

ID+ has been conceived by Zeotap, the leading Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP). Founded in 2014, zeotap enables brands to better understand their customers and make the most of their marketing strategies. ID+ is a complement to Zeotap’s identity resolution, data enrichment, and analytics products available across North America, Latin America, Europe, and India. 

Besides providing connectivity in a cookieless world, ID+ enables partners to gain access to > 1 billion consumer profiles in Zeotap’s Customer Intelligence Platform for use cases ranging from onboarding, insights, enrichment as well as advanced analytics in data clean rooms – each with an option for direct activation in the digital marketing ecosystem.

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ID+ ecosystem partners

Zeotap works with 75+ of the world's top 100 global brands. Zeotap's ID+ initiative is supported by both large global and regional organisations as seen below in the diverse group of core partners. These core partners are made up of publishers, large global brands, and members from the advertising, marketing, and technology ecosystem.